Can't run the code of navier-stokes-multimesh-2018-dokken-zenodo

when I run the Taylor green code as in the navier-stokes-multimesh-2018-dokken-zenodo , it come the above error. So how can I do to debug this.

Are you using the specified docker image (from the

To get a dolfin image, using the MultiMesh uflacs implementation, there is a docker image [available](
To download it, run `docker pull dokken92/multimesh-uflacs`.

I just use install the fenics in ubuntu, and run the code.

As the MultiMesh Navier stokes code used a custom versions of ufl and ffc, you need to use specific branches from custom repositories:

The easiest way to use these custom branches is by using the docker image referenced to in the README referenced in the previous post.