Coupled Physics and Domains (Transient Moving Domain)


I want to solve a transient multi-physics problem on a domain including 2 rectangles:


  1. The first equation describes diffusion of some chemicals that should be solve on both domains.
  2. The second equation describes deformation of the internal red rectangle that should be solved only for the red rectangle (The displacement filed only exists on red domain)

The thing is the shape of the red domain changes in time that should be considered in calculation of the chemicals:

It means that the domain and mesh should be updated in each time step. I have some questions:

  1. Is it even possible to solve such a problem in FEniCS?
  2. I was wondering if MixedDimensional branch could solve this problem but if this is true: Is re-meshing the domains automatically done in each time-step as the red domain is deformed in time?

I appreciate any hint or advice (Or any example) on this problem.

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