How to run Spyder files

Hi everyone,

I’m new to using FEniCS, and I use Spyder mainly as my Python IDE. I potentially have a gross misunderstanding on how to appropriately use FEniCS, but I cannot seem to get my Spyder scripts to work.

My Jupyter notebooks work ok, but I’m probably not using those properly either. I start a project, go to the default local host address and then open the Jupyter notebook from there. Things tend to work fine within the notebook.

Spyder is another story. My current attempts involve starting a non-persistent session via “fenicsproject run” in the command line, but whenever I attempt to run a Spyder file, I’m met with the error message: “DijitsoError: Dijitso JIT compilation failed” followed by a file path where some files have been installed.

Any answers or at least guiding documentation would be nice. It’s not obvious from the FEniCS documentation alone how to run scripts in Spyder.