Spaces with varying polynomial degree (hp-refinement)

Hi everybody,
I hope this question was not asked before, at least I could not find sth :slight_smile:

Is there a possibility to have function spaces with varying polynomial degree in space, like you use them for hp-refinement, for example?


If not, is this planned for the future? Or may there be an inefficient possibility to implement this with subdomains and several spaces of different polynomial degree?

Thanks in advance,

There is no internal support for p-refinement with dolfin nor dolfinx. It would be a great contribution if you started a project which implements it though. It’s particularly challenging for conforming elements because there are many techniques which could be used. Discontinuous elements would likely be the easiest to start with.

h-refinement is provided most robustly by your mesh generator of choice, or dolfinx::refinement.

Thanks for your fast answer! I will keep you up to date if I will try to implement it.