AttributeError: module 'ufl.sobolevspace' has no attribute 'HInf'

Hi all,

I just installed the latest fenicsx via conda on my mac. The error always occurred “AttributeError: module ‘ufl.sobolevspace’ has no attribute ‘HInf’” when I run any of the demos. Does anyone know what the issue is?

Thank you!

Please check what version of ufl you have installed with
python3 -c "import ufl;print(ufl.__version__); print(ufl)




<module ‘ufl’ from ‘/Users/hu/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/fenics_ufl-2019.1.0-py3.11.egg/ufl/’>

Should I update it?

Since you are using conda, you should either remove it, or remove it from your Python path