Can I change the solver used by errornorm()?

When trying to calculate the errornorm on larger meshes I get the known error “UMFPACK V5.7.1 (Oct 10, 2014): ERROR: out of memory” and there seems to be no way to change the solver that errornorm uses. Is the only workaround to implement errornorm myself or is there a way to change the default solver in 2019.1.0?

Errornorm should not use a solver, as it uses interpolation and assembly:
Do you have a minimal example?

Oh, I was a bit too quick to assume the error comes from a call to a solver! I get the error on line 263 in, where the higher order function space is created. I’ll make a minimal example.

You can change degree_rise Kwarg to something lower than 3.

Perfect, that fixed it!