Does Fenicsx support spectral element methods?

Hello all. I am totally new to Fenicsx though I have been going through some of the tutorials. I was wondering whether Fenicsx support spectral element methods.

I have been searching for “spectral elements” in the python documentation and api docs, but did not find anything. I also did not see anything about this in the github issues or the roadmap. I might just be looking in the wrong place or using the wrong search terms.

I would appreciate it if someone could answer the question and also point to any relevant tutorials on how spectral elements are used in Fenicsx.

Thanks for your help.

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hello sir

did you able to make code of spectral element in fenics ?

Hey, the spectral element is the variant of the Lagrange element as I think. you could check the Basix. Of course, you also could define some elements that you want.

good luck!