Does XDMF read_checkpoint avaliable in DOLFINX


I want to use XDMF file to store my dolfinx::fem:::function, and use is later, but I couldn’t find any functions similar to read_checkpoint like legacy_DOLFIN in this page DOLFINx XDMF.

Does anyone know what functional will be suitable in my case, I just need to store a single function.
Thanks in advance.

Currently it is only supported in Python through ADIOS4DOLFINx.
There has been several proposals to GSOC 2024 regarding porting it to C++.
We will keep you posted if we get any of them accepted.

If you simply want to store a solution to use in later in the same simulation, it doesn’t take many lines to make a snapshot checkpoint, see:
or the adios4dolfinx documentation or source code.

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