Dolfin adjoint website

Hi all,
The dolfin-adjoint website: dolfin-adjoint about seems to have just been updated, removing the Examples tab. Is there any intention of adding them back again? They were very useful, as well as the old version of the Documentation tab with the mathematical background etc. They’re all available on the wayback machine here: dolfin-adjoint about but is obviously very slow to load.

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dolfin-adjoint is in the process of separating from pyadjoint.

Is the new GitHub repo, and I haven’t gotten access to make a new webpage using the dolfin-adjoint domain yet.

Ahh I see, I guess this was an unlucky time for me to start working with dolfin-adjoint from scratch then.

All the examples are available here:

You can also build the documentation locally if you want to look at it as a web-page.
(Go to docs-folder, install requirements ( and call make

The mathematical background section is still online here, it just isn’t liked to via the documentation section at the moment.

The webpage is now published at:
and will hopefully be moved to soon.