Estimate for caracteristique an interphase

help me please
i am new in FENICS
I’m doing an interphase for nanoparticle study. I want to create a cube with a sphere inside it, can someone help me please.

This sounds like a meshing question.
You can use Gmsh for this, see:

I don’t want to use gmsh, I want to change the radius of the sphere over time to reach a certain condition. Is there a way to draw a cube with a sphere inside it using FeniCS 0.5?

Im not sure what you are referring to as FEniCS 0.5 (i guess FEniCSx/dolfinx).

FEniCS is not a meshing tool. You can mark all cells that satisfies a given criteria (say a spherical condition), but if you want the sphere surface to be Smooth (and the facets align with a spherical Shell), you need to interface with an external meshing tool.

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I don’t mean to waste time. I’m sorry. I mean the latest version. Can you give me a syntax to create a cube and a sphere and how to combine them

I have already linked you to two pages that

  1. shows you how to use Gmsh
  2. how to combine shapes.

You should read the links ive already sent you, and look at the examples in Gmsh.

There are Also plenty of examples on the forum on how to create meshes.