FEniCS in a cluster, need to modify the Dockerfile


I need to install FEniCS in an in-house cluster in a company, with high-security measures. The quickest way would be to use a Docker container. They have set up their own software for running containers that depends on Docker and creates a virtual cluster so to say. However, it does not work with the fenicsproject/stable : latest version. The actual image that I want to run depends on fenicsproject/ stable. There are changes I need to make within the recipe with the user creation to make it work. I can only see the partial recipe on quay.io. Is there a way to see the full recipe somewhere (sorry for my ignorance if I am missing something obvious, I could only find an old repo from Jack Hale with some Dockerfiles, which I am not sure are up-to-date), and could someone possibly provide it? I am asking because it is kind of an urgent matter, and I don’t have much time to do reconstruct it myself. Unfortunately, I did not save a script whenever I was installing it from the source before.


The docker files are located at: Bitbucket

I have Also written a single docker file for installation at: How to install dolfin on Ubuntn-20.04 from source - #5 by dokken