fenicsX on conda or pip?

With the new version of fenicsX (0.4) recently released, I was wondering if/ when fenicsX would be available for download via conda or pip?

I am asking as I usually code in the spyder IDE using a conda environment. No worries if there are no short term plans for this, will look into using docker otherwise :+1:


Several people are looking into this, but I cannot give a certain estimate as to when it will be available.
@jackhale made some wheels for pip: dolfinx/Dockerfile.wheelbuilder at main ยท FEniCS/dolfinx ยท GitHub
I guess he can give an update as to if they are up to date or not.

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FEniCSx is now available through conda,see: GitHub - FEniCS/dolfinx: Next generation FEniCS problem solving environment for details

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