How to convert dolfin mesh file xdmf to msh?

I am trying to convert dolfin mesh in xdmf to .msh so that I could use the result in other applications.
But I have a problem writing the scripts.

Without an minimal effort/code showing what you have tried so far, it is not very likely that anyone will be able to help you. Have you considered using meshio? If so, what is the issue you are facing?

I tried the following code with meshio, but i still have an error reading the xdmf file at the beginning.
The file contains multiple grids under time series.

Here is the code:
import meshio
import h5py # For reading HDF5 data

Replace these file paths with your XDMF and Gmsh (MSH) file paths

xdmf_file = “input.xdmf”
msh_file = “output.msh”

Read the XDMF mesh

mesh =

Create a Gmsh object

gmsh_mesh = meshio.Mesh()

Loop through each grid in the XDMF file

for grid in mesh.cells:
if “mesh” in
topology_data_item =
topology_h5_path = topology_data_item[0] # Assuming it’s in the form “density.h5:…/topology”
topology_dataset = h5py.File(topology_h5_path.split(“:”)[0], “r”)[topology_h5_path.split(“:”)[1]]

    gmsh_mesh.cells.append((grid.type, topology_dataset))
    gmsh_mesh.cell_data["name"] = {"xHeavi": mesh.cell_data["xHeavi"]}

Write the mesh to Gmsh format

meshio.write(msh_file, gmsh_mesh)

print(f"Converted {xdmf_file} to {msh_file}")