Installing Femorph via pip

Hello everyone. I’m working on a free surface flow using the ALE method to update the surface position. I’m having some issues regarding the mesh deformation - some elements are very distorced and sometimes they become just lines. The initial domain is given from a mesh file converted from GMSH to xml. I’m following this thread to remesh the domain according to a given boundary. I haven’t tested the solution yet, as I’m struggling to install Femorph via PIP. I’m following these instructions to install Femorph via pip in a ubuntu 18.04 WSL, but I’m getting the error:

Directory '.' is not installable. File '' not found.

Maybe this error is happening because I’m not using a virtual environment? I work on 3+ projects with fenics, so I chose to install fenics locally instead of using a venv. Just guessing. I’m trying to avoid using docker for now, but if there is no other option, I’ll follow the installation instructions for it.

Any advices?

Note that you need to use the branch of femorph from the PR (dokken/restructuring) as this branch introduces the pip-installation feature.

Thanks for the reply, I managed to successfully
install the package via pip.