Is Real element avaliable on dolfinx now

A little question: seems like many people are working on the Real Element in dolfinx here:

so is it avaliable to be used now? or there are still some work to do?


The pull request you linked was closed without merging to main, hence the real element is still not yet available on dolfinx. You may want to open a new post with more context of what problem you are trying to solve, as there may be alternative ways that do not require availability of the real element.

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Hello, thanks for replying, I need to solve the Neuman Poisson with PBC, I have tried the method by removing the null space and dolfinx_mpc, but it turns out the the result is not “periodic” sometimes, do you have some suggestions for that, is there any demo or example about this? Thanks!

Sorry, I can’t say I have more suggestions than those already discussed in your other post about null space removal :frowning: