Is there an updated reference for beginners?

Recently I am trying to learn Fenics. I realize that the tutorial book is outdated. I run into lots of syntax/parameter errors when I type the examples in the tutorial. Any suggestions?

For example, I started with generating a mesh with,2,2)# it prompts an error message saying that the “type” is missing. After reading some threads here I found out that I should write,“triangle”,2,2)# and it worked.

Then I started to try to generate rectangular mesh and I assumed that I should replace “triangle” with “rectangle” or “quadrilateral” or “quad”. Unfortunately, non of them is working. Can anyone help on this?


There is a large collection of documented demos available: Bitbucket (some of them are available as html: Demos — DOLFIN documentation).

As the current development version of dolfin, dolfin-x is the only version being worked on by core developers atm, there is a prototype tutorial based on the FEniCS tutorial available at: The FEniCS-X tutorial — FEniCS-X tutorial.

You can of course also use older versions of dolfin matching for instance the FEniCS tutorial using docker and the image