MeshView and MixedFunctionSpace not in dolfin from conda-forge

I was working with dolfin downloaded from conda-forge fenics. Then I needed MeshView and MixedFunctionSpace and I got dolfinx working but couldn’t find the attributes MeshView and MixedFunctionSpace there. Is it still possible to get MeshView and MixedFunctionSpace for dolfin via conda-forge? I have versions conda 22.11.1 and dolfin 2019.1.0.

There hasn’t been a release of dolfin since the introduction of mixed dimensional methods.

This is mainly due to all development moving to DOLFINx.

I am trying to make the appropriate tags needed for a final legacy fenics release, but it has taken more time than expected.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

If I understand it correctly then it is not possible to use dolfinx from conda-forge for MeshView and MixedFunctionSpace but it is with the latest dolfin/Fenicsx built from source? Since dolfinx from conda-forge doesn’t seem to have either.

You can build from source, or use docker, for instance the image:
which is based on the latest commit of dolfin, built with this recipe:

For mixeddimensional support in DOLFINx, see the work of @jpdean :GitHub - jpdean/mixed_domain_demos