Obtaining minimum triangle angles and tetrahedron dihedral angles

I am interested in obtaining the minimum angle in triangle and minimum dihedral angle in tetrahedron from an input mesh and I am unclear if there is a way to effect this in fenicsx. I want to use these angles to improve on the symmetric interior penalty parameters according to Epshteyn and Riviere doi:10.1016/j.cam.2006.08.029
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Is there a way to obtain those angles using either ufl or dolfinx? I scanned through ufl.geometry and could not find a way to do this.

Hi, I am not the expert, I am new for FEniCSx:

Maybe need find the minimum tri anles in mesh tool?

element qualities or mesh metrics can be help. But these functions are provided by specific mesh tools. If use gmsh, then gmsh/model/mesh/getElementQualities should help(I havenā€™t try by myself). I use commerical software, Ansys, which mesh tool have metric graph function and can output the minimum tri angle.

If element shape is triangle, Dealaunay triangulations maybe uesd, which has many good properities like non-overlapping, shape regular, quasi-uniform. I think most mesh tools will optimize the smallest angle in triangle to 60 degree as close as possible.

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Thank you, I think I can obtain the quality statistics using gmsh and I believe that I can use those compute the angles. I will update later with soln.