Recommended textbooks

I am looking for textbook recommendations.

I am struggling with understanding how to 1) find the best / necessary fundamental equations, 2) understanding how to convert those equations into a form fenics understands, and 3) combining fundamental equations (Maxwell’s) with fitted equations (Hogdkin-Huxley-Katz).

I am primarily interested in electrodynamics and its interaction with biology (ionic solutions and complex geometry with varying impedance). I have an electrical engineering background.

I definitely need more background on variational problems / the FEM method, and the tutorial recommends several textbooks which sound like good options. I’m trying to avoid the thermodynamics-focused resources, since I don’t believe that’s relevant to my models. I’d appreciate resources with detailed / complicated electrodynamics examples that go beyond Laplace.


  1. Tom Hughes’s book for an intro to FEM.

  2. a) The FEniCS book (although it’s very outdated now) to get an idea of how FEniCS deals with FEM problems.
    b) @dokken’s excellent dolfinx tutorials.

  3. a) Jin’s book is probably a good start for electromagnetism and FEM from an engineering perspective.
    b) Peter Monk’s book to see all the detail of why FEM electromagnetism is very much not trivial.


I can recommend B.E. Abali’s Book Computational Reality which offers a hands on approach to all kinds of coupled problems from various areas of classical physics using FEniCS. A plethora of examples starting with fundamental equations and assumptions leading up to the included runnable FEniCS code make the concepts easy to grasp.

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