Spack fenics package is missing mshr

I installed fenics using spack, by executing spack install fenics but it does not contain mshr, and the scripts fail on from mshr import *.

What is the best way to install fenics? Also there are two fenics organizations, one on github and one on bitbucket. Which one should I follow?

Roadmap Roadmap 2019-2020 – FEniCS Project answers my second question.

Mshr is not maintained any longer, and it is recommended to use external software (such as Gmsh) to generate other meshes than the built in one.
As for installation,there are many ways of installing FEniCS, as outlined in Download – FEniCS Project
These installation instructions cover how to install the stable version of FEniCS (the one found on bitbucket).

To install the development version (dolfinx, found on github), you can install it from source, use docker, use spack or use PPA on ubuntu.

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Alright, I will move over to gmsh, where can I find a fenics example using gmsh?

I also tried conda installation, it seems to work well.

There are plenty of examples across this forum. Consider for instance:


Gmsh also has a large range of tutorials:

or my tutorial using pygmsh

Alright, thanks a lot for helping me out.