The link from the old fenics QA forum to new forum is broken

I am a new fenics user. I use Google to search for common new user questions, and the most common results are the old fenics QA forum, like this link. These links mention that the forum is now offline, but answers are stored for reference. The old forum includes a link to the new forum in the top right, but this link is broken, and leads to here.

As a new user, not fully read up on the website, I assumed that there was simply no current QA forum, that this discourse group did not exist, and stack exchange or similar would be the best place to ask questions. This page (at least for me) very rarely shows up on search results, even now that I’ve visited it several times.

Would it be possible to update old QA forum links to point new users to this page instead?

The old allanswered forum and even older QA forum are separate from this one and abandoned due to many issues. I believe some of the data from the old allanswered forum was recovered, but no straightforward method for importing it to the discourse forum, nor archiving, was found.