Visualization of time dependent problem using pyvista


I am new to fenics software and i’m trying out the fenicsx tutorial. While solving the “diffusion of a gaussian function”. I didn’t get any plots even though the code run fine without any errors. Can anyone please tell me why i can’t see the images. I have attached my screenshot.

Thankyou in advance for your help


Have you tested: Pyvista mesh plot not working with fenicsx - #2 by dokken

Yeah, I have tested with the code of @charithjeewantha. I got the same image of what he got

But when I change the backend from ‘pythreejs’ to ‘ipyvktlink’

I am getting this

The following two codes together worked for me

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Thank you so much it worked for me as well. When I use both codes

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I have solved the gaussian diffusion equation again. Now I am getting plots. I don’t know the exactly how it gets solved. But I’m thinking maybe I haven’t installed libraries this link helpful for me to solve it