AttributeError: module 'dolfinx.mesh' has no attribute 'create_rectangle'

I am trying to run demo_poisson .py but :
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/wanghao123/dolfinx/cpp/”, line 21, in
msh = mesh.create_rectangle(comm=MPI.COMM_WORLD,
AttributeError: module ‘dolfinx.mesh’ has no attribute ‘create_rectangle’
then I want to see properties of dolfinx.
I am runing:
import dolfinx
[‘doc’, ‘file’, ‘loader’, ‘name’, ‘package’, ‘path’, ‘spec’]
It seems like there’s a problem somewhere, but I don’t know how to solve it. I apologize for my foolishness。

Could you first:

  1. Print the version of dolfinx that you have installed with `python3 -c “import dolfinx; print(dolfinx.version)”.
  2. Check if it has a git commit hash, i.e. python3 -c "import dolfinx; print(dolfinx.git_commit_hash)".
  3. Explain how you installed dolfinx.

verison of dolfinx is 0.6.0;
I initially installed dolfinx using Conda.
I gave up using Conda to install dolfinx and instead used Docker to install dolfinx.
At present, it’s quite smooth