Compute the distance of a point to the boundary

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Recently, I am working on a problem which need to calculate the distance of all the interior points to the boundary. I use the following code:

bmesh = BoundaryMesh(mesh, "exterior")
bbtree = BoundingBoxTree()
vertex_distance_to_boundary = MeshFunction("double", mesh, 0)
for v_idx in xrange(mesh.num_vertices()):
    v = Vertex(mesh, v_idx)
    _, distance = bbtree.compute_closest_entity(v.point())
    print distance
    vertex_distance_to_boundary[v_idx] = distance

It works well, but I am wondering how FEniCS computes the distance? What’s the method/algorithm used behind? I can not find any explanation here and there.


Do you mean the nearest distance to the exterior boundary? In which case consider computing the FEM approximation of the Eikonal equation.

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An Implementation of such an approximation can be found here (compatible with dolfin 2018.1.0)

Thank you very much! That’s what I want. I tried to solve the Eikonal equation by myself, but it is unstable. Your provided algorithm is very stable. I also trying to find some references for the algorithm, but I can not find the one used in the link. Do you know some references of the Algorithms?

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I seem to recall it is referenced in this paper .

The approximation is Also mentioned in this Preprint, But be careful as ive found several typos in it.

Thanks for the information. I also found these two papers.

Paper 2 introduced the equation (3.7) and cited the paper 1. But I can not find any clue in paper 1.

It seems it is a good algorithm, but no paper has provided an analysis or a detailed explanation.