Confusion about versioning, and build documentation

Dear FEniCS pros,
In the fenicsprject web page, I got confused about the versioning of FEniCS. I used the installation from conda, but the version is 2019.1.0. This seems to be outdated, although the conda-forge community keeps some maintenance, but I guess it is outdated. I want to make the conda version update and contribute to that. I wonder whether the documentation of build process here is up-to-date?
Second confusion of mine came from FEniCSx? Is it a separate package to be installed or built from source code?
As I mentioned, I want to contribute to the conda-forge version with the latest updates to the FEniCS and all its dependencies. So I would be grateful, if you can give me somewhere to look for an up-to-date built instruction.
Thank you in advance.