Convergence difficulties IPCS_ABCN pressure prescribed problem

Hey everyone,

I am trying to solve a problem which is solved by the oasis solver, and in which I prescribe pressure. I have a 3D mesh , which is a 0.06m long tube with a 3mm radius and I want to be able to prescribe 200 Pa at the inlet and 0 at the outlet. Rho = 1000 and eta = 5e-3. However I’m not able to reach convergence with this simulation, I have tried saller time steps, finer meshes and ramping up to the 200 Pa pressure drop, but still with no succes. I was wondering if anyone has ever encounterd a similar problem and if anyone has any tips to be able to reach convergence.


Try to solve the problem with a manufactured solution first, to ensure that you have implemented the scheme correct convergence rates.