Converting .xdmf to .vtu file writing in Fenics

Hello everyone. I’m not sure if this topic has been discussed in another thread, but I need to convert .xdmf to .vtu files.
If anyone knows a solution and can share it, I would be grateful!

Does GitHub - nschloe/meshio: 🕸 input/output for many mesh formats fit your needs?

Thank you very much! I managed to solve my problem with the following solution from meshio:

import meshio

filename = "your_file.xdmf"
meshname = "your_mesh_name"

with meshio.xdmf.TimeSeriesReader(filename) as reader:
    points, cells = reader.read_points_cells()
    t, point_data, cell_data = reader.read_data(0)

mesh = meshio.Mesh(points, cells, point_data=point_data, cell_data=cell_data)
mesh.write(meshname + ".vtu", file_format="vtu")