Creating a Cylinder Mesh

Hello everyone

Is there a function in Fenics to create cylinders similar to BoxMesh ?
For instance to make a mesh for a rectangle one would need to do this.

from dolfin import *
from mshr import *


#Making a cylindrical geometry

mesho = BoxMesh(Point(0.0,0.0,0.0),Point(xmax,ymax,L),30,30,40)

The alternative method for creating cylinders that I know is this.

cylinder = Cylinder(Point(0, 0, 0), Point(xmax,ymax,0.001), 0, ymax)
domain = cylinder

Which is not what I am looking for.


When you say similar to boxmesh, what do you imply? As you said, you can create cylindrical meshes with mshr, see for instance: How to make a 3D Cylinder Mesh?

A built in mesh like the ones here

There are no built in cylinders.

I do not see the issue with using mshr to create the cylinder? Is there any issue with that?

I am unable to model heat dissipation over on a cylinder with mshr. I am only able to model heat using the built in meshes.

Have you tried using gmsh to create the cylinder?
Also, you need to provide a minimal example that shows what issue you get by using a cylinder instead of a built in box. Does it work using a box built with mshr?

I don’t know how to use gmsh. And yes I tried using the mshr for a box and that didn’t work either.

Please supply a minimal example illustrating your issue, as there must be an error in your code.

I was able to figure it out the problem after noticing that I had to scale it. Thanks for your responses.