Error when trying the tutorial

Hello everyone!
I was trying the electromagnetic example: Electomagnetics example

In this, I am getting an error while running this even though I am using the latest version,

from import model_to_mesh
mesh, ct, _ = model_to_mesh(gmsh.model, mesh_comm, model_rank, gdim=2)

And the error is:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘’; ‘’ is not a package

Kindly let me know what the issue is.
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

How did you install DOLFINx?
Do you have gmsh installed on your system?
What is the output of

import dolfinx
print(dolfinx.__version__, dolfinx.git_commit_hash)

The output that I got is: dfb433a32beea8af02e12e24664404b32d509cba

That is the last stable release, whose corresponding notebooks can be found at: Error in Fenicsx Tutorial? - #5 by dokken

Thank you, I will refer this.

Hi Dokken,
I’m also getting the same error when I do:
from import model_to_mesh

I use, docker to run the dolfinx and in my Jupyter notebook when I type:
print(dolfinx.__version__, dolfinx.git_commit_hash)

I get 0eab5343fe8674875f94d50706b033d84fa6d67b

Could you please provide the necessary instructions to overcome this issue.