FEniCSx installation

I am new to Ubuntu and FEniCSx. So please forgive me if this is a basic question. I installed FEniCSx using the following code mentioned on the downloads page of the official fenics project website:
conda create -n fenicsx-env
conda activate fenicsx-env
conda install -c conda-forge fenics-dolfinx mpich pyvista

After installation when I run ‘dolfinx-version’ it says ‘Command ‘dolfinx-version’ not found’ but for ‘dolfin-version’ it gives ‘2019.2.0.13.dev0’.

I want to know if this is the latest FEniCSx 0.8 version or not. And if not what is the correct procedure for installing it.

Thanks a lot in advance.

With dolfin-version you are probably getting a dolfin installation from apt.

There isn’t a dolfinx-version, just open a python3 terminal and type

import dolfinx

Thanks Francesco for your reply. Your suggestion helped.