How to resume my jupyter notebook from previous work session?

Dear Fenicsx experts here,

I followed the discussion about docker workflow to set up a local mount host by using:

docker run --init -p 8888:8888 -v c:\users\yangzhe\Downloads\fenicsx:/root/shared --name=dolfinx_test0 Package dolfinx-tutorial · GitHub

now I can follow the tutorials, download the worked notebook, and move it to my local directory c:\users\yangzhe\Downloads\fenicsx, I can see it from the terminal in container.
that is all very good.

now, my problem is how to restart that jupyter notebook. because when the jupyter notebook started, the default folder is a temp folder. and there is no way to navigate to /root/shared to directly open the notebook. do I have to use terminal to move to the /root/shared folder to open the .ipynb file? and what is the command to do it?

I hope I made myself clear. sorry for the beginner’s question.

I am aware of the dicussion below.

Many thanks


Workflow of Docker + jupyter notebook with dolfinx - dolfinx - FEniCS Project

Add -w /root/shared to change the default working directory, ie where the container launches.

Please note that your first cd command should have been cd /root/shared.

Hi Dokken,

Brilliant. it works like charm.

I appreciate you spend your time helping me out.