Installing Fenics on windows CK

I have trouble installing fenics with conda.
I have activated the conda-forge channel.
On conda-forge web page I can see fenics and fenics-dolfinx.
But on my conda environment, I don’t see it

All i have is what is on the screenshot. So fortunately not nothing but not the ones recommended

Thanks in advance

We are working on a conda build for windows. I can’t announce an ETA yet, but there are several pull requests on this (e.g., Build C++ part on Windows by jhale · Pull Request #3198 · FEniCS/dolfinx · GitHub )

Until that work is completed, conda channels will not have a windows build.

Thanks for the Quick answer. As a workaround i have downloader via git the 4 repos. Is there a tuto to complete thé task via git ?


It is not easy to set up a source installation of FEniCS on native windows (outside of docker or wsl2).
There is work in progress for this, as linked to by

If you just want to use DOLFINx on windows for now, you can do it through WSL2 or docker.