Mesh cad geometry

Hi everyone i have a complex cad geometry like these picture but i have tried to mesh it ](create .mesh file) in differents software such salome, gmsh but it fails could some one help me how can i make a good mesh for solve a hertzian contact problem in geometry helix spring wire.
Screenshot from 2024-03-23 10-55-32
Screenshot from 2024-03-23 10-54-10

please i appreciate your help, sorry for my inexpertice in this new software i have made this mesh but ain’t understand this result in consecuence i cannot generate a good mesh (see picture below)

Thank you for read me and help me in any case

I dropped your email from the message: this is a public forum, and hence it would be preferable if any help you get is posted publicly, so that other people who have a similar issue may benefit.

It’s possible someone will help, but let me advise you that your way of asking the question is not typically the best one to get some help. Typically you should show what you tried, rather than hoping that someone has enough free time on their hands to do the work for you.


i apologize francesco, my last comment, and my bad english for do a good question formulation, i will try to write better in new opportunity, but i thave tried how mesh this geometry but have been very hard to me, again sorry.