Mesh density parameter in generate_mesh() function

Hello all,

I am currently using the following to generate a 3d cylindrical geometry:

cylinder = Cylinder(Point(0, 0, lh), Point(0, 0, -lh), rad, rad)
geometry = cylinder

where lh is the half-length of the cylinder and rad is the radius.

I then create a tetrahedral mesh for the geometry like so:

mden = 20 # mesh density
mesh = generate_mesh(geometry, mden)

I am wondering if anyone knows of an explicit definition for this mesh density parameter. I have been searching through the documentation but I am unable to find anything on it. One thing is for certain, the mesh becomes finer with increasing mesh density.

Thanks in advance for any help here.

You should rather use external mesh generators such as Gmsh, as mshr is no longer maintained

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Oh, okay – I did not realize this. I will take a look at Gmsh.