Paraview won't start, related to ADIOS2

I use Paraview on Arch Linux. It seems like the package adios2 is a requirement for Paraview, and since I also want to switch from XDMF to ADIOS2, I’d like to stick to ADIOS2. However Paraview won’t run.

Starting it with a terminal yields: /opt/paraview/bin/paraview: symbol lookup error: /opt/paraview/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN6adios25ADIOSC1Eb
Google returns 0 answer. While it’s a Paraview error (too lazy to create an account to report it there), I wonder how you guys managed not to get this error. (Especially those with Arch Linux).

I have the same problem. V0.7.1 did not fixed this problem for me.

I’ve had a similar issue in the past where paraview was attempting to link against my system’s build of adios2 rather than its own internal binaries. If you call ldd /opt/paraview/lib/ or ldd on your paraview executable you might get some insight.

Apparently, it’s an ADIOS2 problem. As a quick fix I downgraded the adios2 package and Paraview runs fine. The bug has been reported a few days ago I think.

Did you recompile dolfinx after downgrading adios2? @raboynics

No. I use docker, so no compilation. I didn’t update anything.

Hi @raboynics I noticed the same error but when I opened a XDMF file. I could report the error (I have my Arch Linux GitLab credentials set up). My solution was [export to VTK file](dolfinx-demo/ at main · cpp-review-dune/dolfinx-demo · GitHub L48).

Could you provide an example for adios2 file in order to prepare an issue here.

Is related with this issue? Opening ADIOS2 bp files leads to core dump (#3) · Issues · Arch Linux / Packaging / Packages / paraview · GitLab

I don’t have the time right now nor in the next weeks to try these things. I resorted to use Paraview from the website itself rather than the Arch Linux package (whixh was still broken a few days ago when opening solution files, but not in xdmf format).

For the debian build of paraview 5.11.2, I had to apply a dozen patches from HEAD so it would work with adios2 2.9.2. It seems to be running smoothly, with dolfinx 0.7.3.