Problem with conda install?

Just installed FEniCS (2019) via conda on a new machine (MacOS), but my expressions cannot be jit compiled:

petscsys.h:163:6: error: “PETSc was configured with one MPICH mpi.h version but now appears to be compiling using a different MPICH mpi.h version”

Same procedure worked fine on my other computer. Any idea? Thanks!

Found the MWE! And the fix!! This code worked fine on previous conda install:

import dolfin
module = dolfin.compile_cpp_code('''\
#include <dolfin/function/Function.h>
#include <pybind11/pybind11.h>

But now it fails.

However, after installing with

conda create -n fenics -c conda-forge fenics mpich=3.3

it works fine. So maybe this should be prescribed somewhere?