Pygmsh library path mismatch

Hi, I am using Fenics version 2019.1.0 installed on docker. I am trying to install pygmsh after installing gmsh, however, after installing while importing the library, I am getting a warning which says that the script “pygmsh-optimize” is not installed in the correct python path.

Due to this while importing the pygmsh library, I am facing the following error:

Please can someone help me with this issue

This is a Gmsh issue, as Gmsh cannot install alp packages when you call pip3 install gmsh. You would need to install:

apt-get -y install \
    libglu1 \
    libxcursor-dev \
    libxinerama1 \
    libgl-dev \

how should I install these libraries in the docker container that I am working in

Simply by calling the command I supplied above.