Quadrature Representation

Hello everyone,

I’m using v2017.2 and modelling inelasticity with quadrature representation (Quadrature “FiniteElement” space) for stress calculations. Is there any equivalent function space in newer versions (v2018, v2019) which provides more robust solution ? Is there any alternative ? Thanks.

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I’ve found the new form compiler TSFC to be more robust with quadrature elements. It’s not included in FEniCS by default, but it can be installed manually using pip3,

pip3 install git+https://github.com/blechta/tsfc.git@2018.1.0
pip3 install git+https://github.com/blechta/COFFEE.git@2018.1.0
pip3 install git+https://github.com/blechta/FInAT.git@2018.1.0
pip3 install singledispatch networkx pulp

then used in FEniCS Python scripts much like 'quadrature' representation:

parameters["form_compiler"]["representation"] = 'tsfc'

One other trick is that, for especially complicated Forms, I find that I sometimes need to manually raise Python’s default recursion limit, which can be done as follows:

import sys

Hello kamensky,

Thank you for your suggestion. Does it also compatible with v2017.2 ? And how can I download it by docker ?

It looks like Jan Blechta’s port of TSFC to FEniCS has a release for 2017.2, although I’ve never tried using it with that version. pip3 should work for installing things within a Docker container.