Suppress output of mixed dimensional branch

I’m using the mixed-dimensional branch by @cdaversin, and every time I call the solve() function (I am running in a Jupyter notebook), the following message outputs to the terminal

[problem] create list of residual forms OK
[problem] create list of jacobian forms OK, J_list size =  4

I tried the suggested answer to this question, and I tried adding ‘set_log_level(LogLevel.ERROR)’ at the beginning of my script, but these did not work. How do I change the output level for logs? Currently I want to only output errors or warnings, but it would be nice to customize what is shown.

Is this possible in the mixed-dimensional branch?


Unfortunately these messages don’t take into account the log level. I don’t think these messages are relevant so I will remove them in the mixed-dimensional and master branches, and update the corresponding Docker container. It should be done by tomorrow.


Wow! Thank you so much!