Vibro-acoustics with non matching meshes

Hello everyone,

I am planning to perform vibro-acoustics with harmonic time dependency. This means that I need to couple the acoustic Helmholtz solver with a linear elastodynamics solver.

I have explored some of the available multiphysics and coupling software, but I am seeking advice on the optimal approach for my case.

In my general scenario, there is always an interface between fluid and solid with non-matching meshes, as shown below:

I am considering the use of preCICE, which already implements mapping between non-matching meshes. However, it is primarily designed for time-dependent problems (although it can also be used for “steady-state” problems).

Is there a better-suited option for my purpose?

Thank you very much.

A simple approach may be using dolfinx-mpc. But it’s not clear what your complete problem requires from your post alone.

Thank you, I will have a look at that and come back with a feedback!

I need to make simulations of acoustic cavities which boundaries are solid elastic. I need a strong coupling. This means that the velocity of the structure has to be a “source” for the acoustic domain and the acoustic pressure has to be the “load” for the structure.
The main problem is that the interfaces will have, in general, non matching meshes.