Virtual Element Method in Fenicsx

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Is it currently possible to simulate contact mechanics with virtual element method in Fenicsx? For example, what I would like to do is introduce new dofs at certain element boundaries coinciding with a lower dimensional entity (surface in three dimensions and lines in two dimensions) and then use these new dofs to describe gap functions for penalty or lagrange multiplier contact methods. Many commercial simulators will do this through a “thin elastic layer” where additional dofs are introduced at element boundaries, but I need the adaptability of Fenicsx for elastoplasticity and other functions.

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I have some experience with contact mechanics and gap functions by lagrange multipliers for coo-dim 1 elements as you described. For these problems I’ve used the @cdaversin Mixed dimensional branch of legacy FEniCS, actually I don’t know if the Mixed dimensional is available in FEniCSx but I recommend you to take a look to such tool.

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