Does the test suite of Basix need an update?

1 Does the test suite of Basix need an update?


(<https: / / github. com / FEniCS / basix / search?q=pytest+version> shows that
there are no issues mentioning pytest and version.) As I am trying to
install Basix and its Python API, the tests told me:

│ test/ F. [100%]

│ ================================== FAILURES ==================================
│ ________________________________ test_version ________________________________

│ python_version = ‘0.5.0’, cpp_version = ‘’

│ def test_version(python_version=pkg_resources.get_distribution(“fenics-basix”).version, cpp_version=basix.version):
│ assert is_canonical(python_version)

│ # Strip Python-specific versioning (dev, post) and compare with C++
│ # versioning
│ stripped_version = re.sub(r"(.post(0|[1-9][0-9]*))“, “”, python_version)
│ stripped_version = stripped_version.replace(“dev”, “”)
│ if stripped_version != cpp_version:
│ > raise RuntimeError(
│ f"The version numbers of the Python ({pkg_resources.get_distribution(‘fenics-basix’).version} "
│ + f”-> {stripped_version}) and pybind11/C++ ({basix.version}) libraries does not match")
│ E RuntimeError: The version numbers of the Python (0.5.0 → 0.5.0) and pybind11/C++ ( libraries does not match

│ test/ RuntimeError
│ ========================== short test summary info ===========================
│ FAILED test/ - RuntimeError: The version numbers of the …
│ ===== 1 failed, 8135 passed, 364 skipped, 9 xfailed in 118.27s (0:01:58) =====

I guess that it is safe to install it anyway. I just wanted to report
this. Thank you!

│ uname -r
│ python --version
│ gcc --version | head -n 1
│ pytest --version
│ cmake --version | head -n 1

│ 5.18.14-arch1-1
│ Python 3.10.5
│ gcc (GCC) 12.1.0
│ pytest 7.1.2
│ cmake version 3.23.2

For building instructions, you can consult [this] and [this].

[this] <https: / / notabug. org / broncodev / basix-pkgbuild.git>

[this] <https: / / aur.archlinux. org / packages / fenics-basix-git>

I cannot reproduce this, either on main or on the tag v0.5.0.post0.

I can’t post links, but that is how I am building, and I keep getting the message. If you need other information, let me know.

Well, you’re chasing a moving target there (AUR (en) - fenics-basix-git).

Why not try and get builds of the most recent released version working first?

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Oh, ok. So, to build, it’s better to use the release version. Thank you!
I just rebuilt the package. It compiles, loads in Python and is able to run some basic commands.

Well, I’m not saying it’s impossible to also have a git version, but I would get the released versions working first and work from there. Thanks for contributing Arch packages, it’s much appreciated.

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In fact, it is possible. Previously, I had just renamed (disabled) This is also related
Oh, my! No, it is me who should be thanking you people for such a nice job with FEniCSx. Thank you!
[Edit 2]
Also, keep in mind that the packages on are contributed by users, and are definitely not official. The official packages are on

Hi @edgar, take a look the arch4edu repository, we provide the latest version of python-fenics-dolfinx.