Can I rely on to retrieve the version of basix?


To package Basix from the git repo as a PKGBUILD, I am using the version shown in python/, because git describe, git rev-list, git rev-parse do not give me a v#.#.# tag (e.g. v0.5.1; only get something like joss-62-g888e38ce). Is it safe to assume that pyhton/ will hold the correct version? Thanks!

I would recommend using something extending the below:

curl -sL | grep “tag_name”

Because we make the GitHub Releases when we are fully satisfied with the tags.

I will investigate the git describe issue, it’s unexpected.

For git describe you need to checkout the release branch first:

git checkout release
git describe --tags

returns v0.5.0.post0 as expected.

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