Dolfin-convert for convert msh to xml file

I convert my msh file to xml using the dolfin-convert instruction. I have a doubt, Why this instruction create two files, one of them called name_physical_region.xml and the other name.xml?, whats is the reason to create the name_physical_region.xml file?.


If you have marked some of your subdomains and boundaries (For example in GMSH), after converting your mesh with dolfin-convert, 3 files will be created including:

  • Mesh (mesh.xml)
  • Marked Subdomains (mesh_physical_region.xml)
  • Marked Boundaries (mesh_facet_region.xml)

You can refer to your mesh data as following:

mesh = Mesh("mesh.xml")
facets = MeshFunction("size_t", mesh, "mesh_facet_region.xml")
domains = MeshFunction("size_t", mesh, "mesh_physical_region.xml")