Downloading Fenics and Dolfinx


I need your help to download Fenics and Dolfinx in my conda env i suceeded to download dolfinx but i am encoutering error about python version when i need to download fenics and same in the other way

Can ayone knows how to download the 2 packages?

Thank you in advance.

See, “Getting started” section.

Please try to be more precise when you write your messages, since from what you wrote up to now nobody will ever be able to help you. Writing “encoutering error about python version” isn’t helpful for people willing to help you: which error? Post it, properly formatted within “```”. Writing “same in the other way” isn’t helpful either, considering that there are many other ways to install the library.

Thank you, i already installed but when i want to use the import from fenics *
to use the functionspace it doesn’t work and the error is that i dont have the fenics
the code : Defining subdomains for different materials — FEniCSx tutorial

Of course you don’t have fenics. You installed dolfinx, and you are trying to run a dolfinx tutorial: you must import dolfinx, not fenics (where the fenics module used to be an alias to dolfin, not dolfinx)

Furthermore, I would like to reiterate that when asked to post the error, you really must post the error, not your own description “i dont have the fenics”. Of course in this case I could easily gather what the error was, but in general it may not have been that simple without having a look at the actual error.

Got your point, Thank you for your help
My last question is which oackage i need to install for coding using subdomains and heat transfert

Several tutorials on the website you linked already has parameters defined on subdomains, and examples about heat transfer. To follow the examples there you only need dolfinx and its dependencies.

Since I am using these replies as an educational session on discourse, let me also tell you that we typically dislike when the topic of the question changes radically in follow up posts (for instance, here you moved from asking about the installation, to asking about specific applications), because these post are archived for possible future reading by other users (e.g., through the search button), and mixing very different questions together makes it harder to follow the discussion and search for related topics. In those cases, it’s better to start a new message altogether.