How to install dolfinx without affecting the old version of dolfin

Hello, currently I am using an old version of dolfin installed through a conda environment on Ubuntu system. Can I directly install the new version of dolfinx on top of this, or do I need to remove the old dolfin? In fact, I hope it will not affect the old dolfin.

As you are using conda, simply create a new conda environment and install DOLFINx in the new environment.
See: Managing environments — conda 24.5.1.dev20 documentation

Which was the same answer you already got it at How to import a Gmsh-generated quad mesh geo file into FEniCS? - #8 by francesco-ballarin

I do understand wanting to create a separate question, since it was indeed unrelated to the original question in the other topic, but in future at least link back to any answer you had already received.

Thanks for your reply.

Sure, i understand, thank you