Install PETSc with mkl pardiso solver


Could you please give me indications on how to install PETSc with the mkl pardiso solver? I get the following error right now:

Could not locate solver type mkl_pardiso for factorization type LU and matrix type seqaij. Perhaps you must ./configure with --download-mkl_pardiso


Well, the error message tells you what to add to the install instructions. Could you please elaborate in how you have installed PETSc at the moment?

Thanks for your answer @dokken. I am using the dolfinx docker image
dolfinx/dolfinx:v0.6.0-r1 at the moment, but the dockerfile is taken ready to go from another library. I haven’t been able to find it in order to modify it properly. Do you know where can I find it?

Hi Francesco,

Thanks a lot.

I use the conda installation in wsl. Is it possible to make it work with pardiso?

Guess that you would have to recompile it from scratch, as conda provides pre built packages.

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