Regarding mesh construction mesh

Hello everyone

Screenshot from 2024-05-05 00-55-03

How can we construct this mesh ?

To my knowledge, neither dolfin nor dolfinx handle hanging nodes, so even if you were able to construct the mesh you’ll likely be in trouble when trying to solve a PDE on it.

Thank you for the response

Sir, If I use the Lagrange multiplier on the interface is in the DG space, I think then it is possible to handle.
Below I attach a work in which author’s use this mesh.

The problem is still how to represent this mesh in DOLFIN or DOLFINx. You could represent each domain with separate facets for each of the cells in the intersection region, and use DOLFINx_MPC to tie them together: GitHub - jorgensd/dolfinx_mpc: Extension for dolfinx to handle multi-point constraints. (see the “contact” conditions in examples).