Ububtu subsystem windows 10. Import fenics "module not found"


I am using Ubuntu subsystem on windows 10. I installed Anaconda through ubuntu and then installed fenics. However, when I try to import fenics, I get an error saying module not found.
I am attaching a screenshot for better understanding.

I believe the fenics python module is removed in the latest version of fenics (2018.1), try importing dolfin instead.

I did try that too. But it seems to give the same output.

Could you try this? It worked for me.

Thank you so much. Works for me too.

I didn’t try this with anaconda, but I had a similar issue in Ubuntu. I installed the fenics package on ubuntu, but when I tried to import fenics, I got the error - ‘module not found’.
For me, the resolution was to specify to use python3. I had both python2 and python3 on my system, so by default, python2 was being used when I typed: python -c ‘import fenics’. When I specified python3, it worked for me.