Visualize deformations of a hyperbolic elasticity system in ParaView

I am implementing a hyperbolic elasticity system via the Newmark’s scheme in Fenics.
I would like to save the displacements at each time step in a single pvd file.
To this aim, at each iteration of the for-loop in the Newmark’s scheme, I invoke:

vtkfile <<< solution_timestep_n

with obvious meaning of the notation.

What I obtain is a bunch of pvd files containing the mesh and the deformation at one time-step, as well as another pvd file containing the mesh with the deformation at all time-steps.

Since I am working in curvilinear coordinates, I have to apply a programmable filter to convert my mesh, which takes the form of a box, into a cylinder. Then I apply the Warp-by-Vector filter to visulaize the deformation on the cylindrical shell.

The problem is that when I click on the “Play” button, I can see the colored displacement field for the first time step, but all the other time steps are not colored.

How would you fix it?

If needed, I can provide a copy of the code but it is more than 400 lines. In case, how should I upload it?